Today in the city Chenoa 27.04.2017
China's 'Leftover Women' are a Thing of the Past

Thanks to the one-child policy men greatly outnumber women in China, giving them all the cards in dating and relationships.

China Regulator Putting Brakes On Uber-Didi Mega Marriage?

Bottom line: China's anti-trust regulator's assertion that the Didi-Uber China mega-merger will require its approval could mark the beginning of a new, tougher stance towards the nation's rapidly cons...

Cloud, Containers And Collaboration Come Of Age

(Source: Christopher R. Wilder) The cloud computing marketplace has come of age, and the market is booming. As I discussed in my last article, Cloud is no longer a business strategy. It is just someth...

Nick Cannon Talks 'Wild 'N Out,' 'America's Got Talent,' and Protesting the RNC

Nick Cannon visits Complex News to talk about America's Got Talent, protesting at the RNC, and an all-new season of Wild N Out.

Which Came First: Seeing Red Or Being Red?

In a modern variation of the old "chicken and egg" question, researchers ask: "which came first; color vision or coloration?"

How The New Silk Road Is Stimulating Local Economies And Changing Lives From China To Europe

A common criticism of China's Belt and Road network is that it will be used to deploy masses of unskilled Chinese laborers into markets throughout Eurasia, displacing local workers and undermining loc...

In China, Uber Merges With Rival Didi Chuxing, Creating Ride-Hailing Giant

Uber's China arm merged with its rival Didi Chuxing this week, creating a $35 billion ride-hailing colossus. The merger ends an era of brutal competition, and may help boost China's flagging economy.

China rolls out its massive elevated 'straddling bus'

Several months after its design was unveiled to the public, China's massive elevated bus concept is now real. The 4.8-meter-high (15.75-foot) electric bus has its carriage elevated off the ground, all...

Not Just Wishful Thinking: China Actually Demoes Futuristic Straddling Bus

VideoIt took six years to transform the revolutionary concept of a bus which runs above street level into a working prototype, but looks like Chinese designers finally made it. China's news agency Xin...

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